Paloma Cruise was created in 2010 by Mr Nguyen Manh Thuc. After 15 years of experience in the tourism industry, especially overnight cruises on Halong Bay. After years thinking that Halong Bay service is very poor while the travelers were expecting higher standards, he created the 4 stars Paloma Cruise.  Designed as a symbol of Halong Bay, the ship features an elegant appearance and a large sundeck with deckchairs, bringing a luxurious comfort to every journey.

Paloma also has a smaller ship with 2 cabins, especially recommended for honeymoon couples, wedding anniversary or families who wishe a private space on Halong Bay.

Paloma Cruises Halong Bay offers fully equiped cabins with 30 crews who are dynamic, passionate and enthusiastic individuals. The crew is committed to make you feel comfortable and highly satisfied. Feel at home away from home during your journey on Paloma Cruise.

Paloma Cruises is the pioneer Halong Bay cruise and is applying new shipbuilding technology with a completely composite hull shell and drainage tank to ensure an absolute safety.

Our philosophy : Love, Peace and Hapiness

The Spanish word of Paloma means Dove. Our cruise is designed to bring love, peace and happiness.