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Save the children, save their lives

The Director of Asia Eyes Travel J.S.C and Paloma Cruise Halong, Mr Thuc, used to be a tour guide for many years. After travelling to various destinations in Vietnam, he realized that there were many old people and small children in poor villages having no opportunity for proper schooling, medical cares, or even no clean water nor enough nutritious food. Back to that time, he could only make small helps to individuals during his working trips.

To express his desire to raise a charity fund for contributing to the Responsible Travel Vietnam, he has shared the ideal with other co-owners of Paloma Cruise and Asia Eyes Travel to make a bigger Paloma donation program to the community. Basic education and health care are the target. As the Director of Paloma Cruises, making his individual donations, he has organized activities of Paloma Cruise Charity for years.

To develop the Responsible Travel Vietnam campaign, with the kindness from travelers, his team has helped many poor people at the hospitals and schools. All donations will be collected and delivered purely and directly to the hospitals. Kind-hearted travelers are welcome to join his team to handover the gifts at the hospital. (Please contact the tour guide on Paloma Cruise Halong for further information).


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