Con Coc Islet (Toad Islet) is situated in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, about 12 kilometers away from Bai Chay wharf. It’s is about 9 meters high above the sea level. Viewing from a far distance, the islet looks like a big toad which is looking up towards heaven and waiting for the rain at the middle of the sea.

The toad is ugly but a good friend of the farmers. This area is an ideal place to kayak or swim in the crystal waters of the bay or relax with a drink and adore the magical scenery.

According to a story of Vietnamese people, there was a drought year and it had not rained for long time, all the creatures on earth were going to die of thirst. A brave toad led a group of animals to meet the God and asked him for a rain. That toad was honored as the uncle of God. Since then, when the toad grinds its teeth together, it rains immediately. The grind of the toad has become a sign of rain and helps Vietnamese farmers forecast the weather in agriculture. This story tells the harmony between people and animals and Toad islet on Halong bay reminds people of this relationship.