Dark and Light Cave is far from Surprise cave area (around 2km) and lies on the border of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. It is rated one of the perfect choices for travelers when visiting Halong Bay

The system of islets connects it with the sea via a 4-meter-wide, 100-meter-long, and 3-meter-high mouth. It is located nearby Cat Ba National Park, and surounded by beautiful limestone mountain. The best way to explore this grotto is by kayaking or swimming. These activities are arranged in Paloma day cruise’s itineraries.

Cruising to Dark & Light Cave, you will see an arched entrance that leads to the grotto at the water – level. Next to the pretty entrance is a tranquil round lake surrounded by luxuriant trees and high dangerous stone walls. Coming across this lake, you will be surprised by Benjamin fig trees shading the landscape and many orchids hanging their beautiful sweet-scented flowers. In the lake, many species abound: shrimp, fish, crab and cuttle-fish. The most impressive part of the site is the enchanting atmosphere created by the mountain’s size and form and the color of the water mixing with the clouds.