Beating many other wonderful destinations all over the world, Halong Bay was declared as one of the “New Seven Natural Wonders of The World”. Including over 1600 islands and islets, Halong Bay treats visitors with the incredible beauty of seascape made of limestone pillars, majestic caves and crystal blue water. Recently, VirtualTourists – a famous travel-oriented community website – has voted Halong as one of the most attractive places for scenic boat rides. There are various cruises, and make sure to book Paloma Cruise, crewed by a professional, loyal and dedicated team. Let’s explore numerous amazing experiences on Halong Bay with Paloma cruise.

Admire the wonders right outside the window

Different from land tours, Halong Bay cruise are usually scheduled to allow tourists to take overnights on the cabin while the ship is moving into “the land of a thousand-islands”. From the windows of cabin, you can admire many strangely sculpted limestone islands and outcrops.

Visiting Cua Van – one of the world’s most beautiful villages

The first activity of the cruise usually is visiting Cua Van fishing village. Easily passing all the criteria such as quaintness, charming beauty and keeping the traditional culture characteristics, Cua Van fishing village was ranked as one of 16 world’s most beautiful villages. Cua Van becomes very poetic because of being decorated by small wood bridge, the simple floating houses and colorful boats.

Embrace the sunset among the grandiose bay

If you have chance to enjoy Halong Bay cruise, do not miss the best area of the boat, the sundeck. Sunset is the best time to enjoy the amazing scenes on the sundeck with your loved ones. Standing there, it seems that you are nearly touching the sun lurking slowly below the horizon.

Go kayaking

Kayaking seems to be the best exciting activity of Halong Cruises tour, because you have chance to freely explore crystal- blue water and thousands of islands. Each kayak is made for two people. Try to keep balance, and you will easily move among the various unnamed islands, or mysterious caves.

Enjoy delicious European- Asian food

The boat/ junk keep moving slowly on the sea all the time except during the night, at sleep time. Therefore, you will have the chance to enjoy your meals while admiring the romantic, lovely and peaceful atmosphere of nature. The chef is putting all his passion into creating and preparing splendid meals including fresh seafood and Vietnamese fusion dishes.

This wonder is undoubtedly not only a national but also a a magnificent world class work of nature. If you are planning to visit Halong Bay, book Paloma Cruise with Best Price Vietnam or directly on our website.