In most of the cases, Halong Bay is a side trip from your grand voyage to Vietnam. If possible, leave your luggage with your hotel (if trusted) and bring only a day pack with you. Take into account that you will need to carry them onto the shuttle bus, then onto the deck, then from the deck back to land. The lighter you pack, the better. Below are a few tips for you to pack smartly:

Travel documents:

These are essential and you may be denied boarding without valid documents such as passport and visa. Please visit our section on travel documents for further information.


You will need at least 3 set of clothes: for casual day wear, for evening wear and for swimming if you plan to do so. If you travel between May and October, it is fine to bring shorts and skirts and short sleeve shirts. For the rest of the year, bring extra sweaters since Halong Bay can get quite cold. In December and January for example, bring some jackets.

Water bottle:

Although Paloma Cruise will have water ready for you, some shuttle bus will not have them. Keep yourself hydrated all through out the trip to best enjoy it.


Sandals and walking shoes are both fine though the frequent exposure to water may make your feet wet and stinky with high capacity shoes. Sandals, on the other hand, may make you feel uncomfortable walking insides the caves or when you climb the rock to the top of some grottos.

Electronic device:

Camera is another essential item on your to-pack list. Charge the battery to full before you leave Hanoi and always leave them charged when you are in the cabin. There are so many things in Halong Bay to capture photos of and you do not want to miss the opportunity.

Bringing the laptop or expensive device with you to Halong Bay may be better than leaving them at the hotel back in Hanoi. Always keep an eye on your personal belongings to minimize the risks. Unless otherwise noted, all cruises on our website are equipped with wifi facility for you to keep in touch with friends and relatives.


A raincoat will be helpful in rainy summer months. The cruise will have umbrella ready but it does not hurt to bring your own. Sunglasses and sunscreen also work great for the sunbathing moments on the top deck of cruise and junks.

Bring your medication if required by doctor. If you have seasickness, stock up on pills.

What not to bring:

Below are what you should not bring with you on board – some are prohibited by the cruise:

Firearms, inflammable, sharp objects
Illegal drugs and substances
Irons, hot plates and kitchenware
Alcoholic beverages
Pillows, Blankets, Towels (already provided on board)