Visiting Catco beach, which is separated by a small range of mountain, you can swim in the blue and warm water, so clear that you can see the golden sand beneath.  The white-sand of Catco beach make it a great place to lounge around for the day. It’s about 1 km southeast from Catba town over a steep headland and can be reached by foot or by motorbike.  The small hillock that divides Catco beach, can be climbed over in about 20 minutes. However, you can take the easier route along a new wooden seaside walkway around the mountain. The beach offers simple accommodation and camping.  The mountain adjacent to Catco Beach has a tunnel and fascinating caves and grottoes, such as Hang Luon, Khe Sau, Trung Trang, Gia Luan and Kim Cuong. Visiting these caves and grottoes will get you the feeling of the explorers, discovering the wonders and mysteries endowed by nature. Coming out of the caves and grottoes you should spend a little time to contemplate the sunset over Lan Ha Bay. On the golden background of the horizon and the dark blue of the sea, the heaving islets become multiform, the white sea-gulls hover and sea-eagles make circles in the sky, all beautifying the immense and fascinating space, and enchanting the visitors.  Catco Beach is a tourist spot, attractive for its natural beauty and this cruise tour will let you have the most of it.