Trong Cave (or Drum Grotto) is opposite to Trinh Nu cave (Virgin Cave). The two caves are 600-700 meter apart from each other.


The symbol of true love

The legend says that in Trinh Nu Cave, Virgin cave is originally a lying-girl with her long hair hanging down looking to the sea in vain hope. Drum Grotto is originally a boy who looking towards the girl. Too poor to marry the girl, the fisherman went for a long cruise and risked his life for a fortune. Upon hearing the girl running away from family pressure to marry a rich, he came back but couldn’t find her. He hit his fists on the cave in the hope of getting noticed by her. He died of exhaustion.  The noises of the wind in the drum cave is the sound of his fists hitting the walls. 

The Virgin cave is today a romantic place for dinner. The various beautiful stalactites and the legend make of this place the perfect site to take an oath of love. For fishermen however, the Virgin Grotto is only a shelter.

Drum Grotto has two entrances: the eastern mouth and the western one, linked with each other. Entering the grotto, visitors will see spectacular scenery of stalactites hunging down from the ceiling. It it also said that whenever lightening strikes, the sound from the cave is like from a big drum, hence the name Drum Cave. Drum Cave is also an archeological remain of Soi Nhu culture dating back to 8.000 – 7.000 years ago. It shows that it had been the residence of the ancient Vietnamese in the past.