Exploring the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay by kayaking is the best way to visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches and floating fishing villages…Kayaks can go where other big boats cannot. Depending on your trip length, visitors have different kayak route and time frame. Cruise with Paloma and you will get the chance to paddle around the islands, get closer to limestone karsts and enjoy the breathtaking nature in a less visited corner of Bai Tu Long Bay. It will be a lifetime experience.


However, kayaking alone requires skills, techniques and equipment. Therefore, you must follow the tour guide when kayaking; it is risky to do it by yourself without warning or instruction. The tour guide will help you get in and out of the kayak and how to use the paddle. The guide will lead you to safe and interesting areas. It is very important to invest in a personal floatation device, aka a life vest, even if you’re in calm waters. Remember to prepare suitable clothes: T-shirt and short, swimming suit in summer; warm clothes in  winter; wet shoes, hat, sunglasses, water, sunscreen, dry bag storing camera, insect repellent…


Halong Bay water is calm and the wind is not strong. Kayaking is ideal to discover the thousand of islands in Halong Bay.


Kayaking is provided and included in all itineraries and cruise offered by Paloma Cruise.