Halong Bay Cuisine & Foods is one of the most impressive things to visitors. For each type of seafood, Halong has its own cooking process. Many specialties of Halong Bay have become famous brands, such as Halong squid sausage, Cai Rong fish sauce….


Halong Squid Sausage
Halong squid sausage is the most famous dish in Halong. The squids are directly fished in the bay. Squid-processing requires manual dexterity and experience.

Halong Bay Lobsters

Lobster is available in many places but if you taste the ones in Halong, you won’t be disappointed. Lobsters have a variety of different weights.

Fried Sea Snails With Chili Sauce

Halong is also famous for its snails. Halong has many kinds of sea snails; each kind has its own cooking process and its own taste. But a fried sea snail with chili sauce is the best.

Hoanh Bo Soaked Rice

Wine is made from the glutinous rice which is local specialty. People do not pound glutinous rice, they just cook and incubate it. After the fermentation of rice, they soak it with fermented leaves from Hoanh Bo Forest.

Halong Bay Oysters

Oysters from Halong are famous too. Oysters grow on sandy beaches and seaside quagmire. They require a hard brush on the shell to remove the soil. Here, oysters are consumed boiled or steamed to maintain their nutrition and taste. Boiling oysters requires sophistication and dexterity. If the oyster is soaked in hot water too long, it will lose nutritional value and aesthetic. Lemongrass leaves are often added in the pot.