In the Quang Ninh sea, many varieties of shrimp can be found, from the tiniest to the huge prawn, or even lobster. The most precious are the lobsters. Their shells are often used as decorative objects in hotels, restaurants or in fishermen’s houses. The shells of the prawns are softer and they are often chosen as specialties at banquets. There are two ways to cook prawns in the region; either steamed or either battered and fried. Local prefer it steamed because it retainins more the flavour of sea. Prawns are often eaten with flattened onions, lemons with a mixture of salt and pepper, or dipped into a Ðại Yên or Cái Rồng fish sauce mixed with red chilly. When eating steamed prawns, the Vietnamese eat the layer of liver first then pancreas located under the head. The viscous yellow liquid, that looks horrible to westerners, is believed to open one’s appetite. After removing the shell, the pure white flesh of Quang Ninh’s prawns appears.