Paloma Cruise welcomes you onboard. We hope you will have a wonderful Ha Long Bay cruise experience. For your own comfort and safety, we ask you to acquaint yourself with the vessel and familiarize yourself with the onboard safety systems and procedures outlined in this information sheet.

Safety Facilities List:

•    60 life jackets total, including 44 inside cabins

•    22 hammers

•    21 fire extinguishers 1kg in cabin for passengers’ usage
•    16 fire extinguishers 3.5 kgs on the staircase
•    02 fire extinguisher 34 kgs in the reception area and the restaurant
•    01 alarm for fire in all parts of boat (in case of smoke)
•    01 alarm for water level in basement

Company Safety Measures

1/Paloma Cruises are commanded by a Captain, and manned by a professional Deck Crew and Cruise Staff. All Crew and Staff have training certificates or recognized expertise accredited by the relevant Vietnamese Government Authority or Agency.

2/ Paloma Cruises operate under professional daily technical supervision and ongoing maintenance schedules. Each vessel maintenance schedule includes regular monthly and bi-annual routine maintenance and an annual dry-docking to ensure all aspects of seaworthiness and accommodation are in good condition. 

3/ Our Cruise Managers conduct a safety briefing prior to departure. The briefing includes onboard procedures and clear instructions in case of emergency.

4/ Paloma Cruises Crews are trained for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and dealing with emergencies. Refresher training and live drills are conducted every 6 months.

5/ The vessel is fitted with professional marine safety equipment:  VHF Radio, GPS Plotting, Two-way radios, Water Ingress Alarm System, Anti-sinking Pump System, Fire Alarm system and fire extinguishers. 

6/ The vessel is inspected by the local Maritime Registration Authority annually and certified accordingly.

7/ Paloma Cruises  are covered with maximum vessel insurance based on the vessel certification, including total Crew and Passenger capacity. 

8/ Paloma Cruises places the highest priority on the safety and security of our vessels and all Passengers, Crew and Staff onboard. 

Onboard Safety

Captain and Crew Introduction Briefing:

General information about the Paloma cruise, such as itinerary, vessel age, tonnage, speed, etc. A full safety briefing is included.

Weather Forecast:

The weather forecast for the next 24 hours is included in the briefing.

Fire Protection:

Fire Extinguishers are located in all cabins, ladder ways, passageways on each deck and in all operating compartments throughout the vessel

Fire Extinguishers


Smoking is prohibited in all cabins, the dining room and all other internal compartments. Smoking is only allowed on the open balconies, sundeck and in front of the wheelhouse.

Life Jackets:

Life jackets are located under the beds in all cabins, under all dining room chairs, in the tender boats and on the Sundeck.
A life jacket demonstration will be given. This is not only for emergency situations, but also for safety when kayaking, when visiting the fishing village and any other water sport activities.

Life jacket

Onboard First Aid and Medicine:

First Aid Kits and rudimentary medical facilities are available onboard. Our Cruise Managers and other senior staff have all attended First Aid Courses.

Onboard first – aid – kid

Emergency cases

In Case of Emergency, “DO NOT PANIC!” Remain calm and follow the directions of the Cruise Manager for the proper emergency actions or evacuation instructions. All Staff and Crew are trained for emergencies and each has their own role to play in the handling of emergency situations.

Hammer & Flashlight


 Paloma Cruise’ special environmental policy commits the company to finding ways to reduce pollution in the Ha Long Bay environment. We ask our Passengers to refrain from throwing any waste whatsoever overboard. Please be responsible and put it in the waste containers so we can deliver it ashore for appropriate disposal.
Security of Valuables:
You may secure your valuables in the safety deposit box at reception. Simply register the items and they will be placed in our safekeeping. Management bears no liability or responsibility for any missing belongings unless they are registered and kept in safekeeping at reception.

Cabin Security:
Passengers must ensure all cabin doors and windows are closed when the cabin is unoccupied. This minimizes the workload of the power generator and increases the vessel’s watertight integrity.