Soi Sim island lies in the southwest of Halong Bay, about 11 km away from Bai Chay Wharf. It has an area of 8.7 ha. The island has special geological structure with two-thirds covered by feralit soil and red weathered soil. The island has two beautiful beaches and a viewing station over the world heritage in the southeast and northwest.  In the past, local people saw many “Sim” trees (the tomentose rose myrtle) in the forest on the island, thus the the island has been called Soi Sim (means look and find “sim”). With a rich ecosystem and being in the heart of the heritage area, Soi Sim Island is now an attractive place for sightseeing, swimming andd eco-tours in the heart of Halong Bay.   


Soi Sim island is turning into an eco-tourism center with a system of small wooden houses, conservation of animals and plant gardens, scenes viewing stations system and attractive resorts.