24 km from the mainland, in Bai Tu Long Bay, is the famous Vung Vieng floating fishing village. This is a peaceful place with a beautiful scenery. Families of fishermen are living here all year round. You can learn how to use fishing net or fishing rod with the locals.

Vung Vieng has attracted lots of travelers for years thanks to the pretty fishing boats, and the surprising fish’s cages in front of the floating houses. You will be amazed by the kindness of the fishermen and the laughters of the children. Vung Vieng village is an attractive destination, a constituent part of Halong Bay Heritage.

There are about 60 floating houses and families in the village. You will definitely be intrigued observing the daily activities and important event of the village happening in floating houses bobbing in the middle of the bay. Witness the amazing and authentic pictures like films on old televisions, a woman cooking dinner while the children are playing and the husband is preparing for his fishing trip at night,…You will hold these special memories  in your heart for a long time. 

Almost everybody here live thanks to fishing and aquaculture. Others are small grocery shops catering for the locals and the tourists.  Recently, with a growing number of visitors, Vung Vieng became famous. In order to explore this place, you can hire either kayak to discover by yourself or small boats rowed by a local. It helps locals  making more revenue to support their families.