While Halong Bay is often known by its sunny and sparkling image of a summer destination, the scenery of this UNESCO World Heritage Site in winter has a totally different charm that stole the heart of many tourists around the world. This is the reason why Halong Bay attracts tourists year-round, no matter the season and the weather. 

When getting information about a Halong Bay trip, it is common that you are advised to travel in warm season to relish the scenery to the fullest. Halong Bay sparkles in the summer, with an intimate view of lush greenery and an ethereal yet unique charm created by nature. The destination will bring you such a typical summer vacation: sunshine, sea, sandy beach, cocktail on sundeck, tanning under the sun. But Halong Bay wouldn’t allow you to be that lazy. It’s summer time, it’s time for sport! Go out of the cruise for a kayak tour on water, or prepare yourself to be an explorer biking in Cat Ba Island. While enjoying the scene, sunbathing on a cruise’s sundeck and swimming in the water is something you will not want to miss. The World Heritage has warm waters and a sunny sky, which provides such a sweet escape from the winter on the other side of the Earth at the same time.

Sometimes it rains in the summer, but don’t worry because it usually doesn’t last long. After 15 minutes, good weather will be back bringing the sun and the fun.

Meanwhile, other travelers looking for a more unique experience in Vietnam might find interesting to visit the Bay during winter. If you are not used to extreme heat and humidity, you might prefer winter time to enjoy fully the physical activities. The cool weather will prevent you from sweat and sticky clothes. Most Western tourists find more comfortable to travel in winter.

Worrying about the gloomy sea ? You will change your mind when you will catch sight of limestones taking shape in the foggy sea. The ambiance is unreal. Halong Bay turns into a mystical princess once the winter comes. “It feels like being lost in the enormousness of nature, which put you in another world separated from your daily life. Such a breath-taking experience!” – said one tourist, who just finished his cocktail on the cruise’s sundeck.

Even in winter, never leave Halong without immersing yourself in a luxury cruises. The legendary sunset and sunrise of the bay is filled with mystery.  No wonder why Halong ranks among the top destination in Asia. Usually, the Bay is less crowded in this season. You will have the nature for yourself (well, other tourists on your cruise as well). Revitalize yourself and live it to the fullest.

Even during winter, you can enjoy the trademark activity of the area like kayaking and biking in Cat Ba Island. Remember to bring some extra warm clothes and moisture cream to fight against the dryness. Kayaking in Halong Bay is safe in general, but be cautious in foggy weather and ensure to have all the safety equipment with you.

Another pleasure you may only find in winter is to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea on the cruise’s sundeck. Let the flow warm you up inside in a relaxing afternoon after a long day of exciting activities on water.

If you are planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Halong Bay in winter after reading this entry, I’m glad you have made the right decision. Paloma Cruise can’t wait to have you on board !